What we do differently ...

We are a Real Estate Referral Service that matches members of the LGBT Community with qualified Real Estate Agents in their area. Unlike other real estate sites, we pre-screen all of the agents before they can join our network. This allows us to only work with those agents that meet our high standards and expectations for Sales Excellence and Customer Service. The agents that we do represent are masters of their craft. They are either themselves members of the LGBT, or 100% LGBT Friendly!

Is there a Cost ...?

There is absolutely NO COST for using this site. Our goal is to match members of the LGBT Community to LGBT Friendly Real Estate Agents. Plain and simple!

Why work with us ...?

While there may be many other “LGBT” Real Estate sites available. They make you pick your agent from a “needle in a haystack”, while we take all of that guess work out of the equation.  Our goal is to work one on one with you and help to choose an agent that matches YOUR individual needs.

As an organization, we only represent seasoned agents that meet the highest standards within the real estate industry. We verify their work history, past sales and several other factors before they can be considered for membership.

Finally, we match you with an agent that meets the Geographic, Demographic and Financial needs of each individual person. We provide a very personalized approach to this process.

We take all of the guess work our of choosing an LGBT or LGBT Friendly Real Estate Agent. Plain and simple.

What we do ...

At LGBT Home Finder, we prequalify LGBT or LGBT Friendly real estate professionals to join our community. They go through a screening process and must abide by our “Equality Agreement” before they can join. Then we match users with a prequalified agent based on their geographic location, price of home they are looking to buy or sell, and other demographic identifiers. Our goal is that those that use the LGBT Home Finder site receive the best possible representation possible in a SAFE , JUDGEMENT FREE, OPENED environment.